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Christina & Kyle // Taber Ranch Wedding

The things that used to scare me the most about my job as a wedding photographer (harsh lighting, getting “the kiss” shot, physically NOT being able to be in two places at the same time, “will adults yell at me?“, etc…) have now just sort of transpired into all of my favorite challenges of the job, and all yield an insane amount of adrenaline that I have grown to love. This wedding season will forever go down as, “The hottest wedding season I’ve ever known”, and triple digits have not-so-gracefully made an appearance on multiple occasions this Summer, including Christina and Kyle’s stunning vineyard wedding, situated on 500 acres of picturesque, sprawling hills. It may have been next-level hot, but if you need advice on how to look effortlessly gorgeous in 104 degrees during an outdoor ceremony, just ask these two.

You may remember Christina & Kyle from¬†this engagement session,¬†and I couldn’t wait for another opportunity to hang out with them, and document such an important day in the life of them. Every single detail from their day told a story specific to them as a couple, and their vows had us all confused as to whether we were wiping sweat or tears from our eyes (answer: both). The only thing greater than capturing all of these special moments from their day was witnessing how truly loved and supported they were, with all their favorite people cheering them on in the background throughout the day.

Congratulations to this gorgeous, kind-hearted couple who hacked the whole, “making 104 degrees look good”. I’m forever honored to have been a part of your day.

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