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Christa & Patrick // Cabo San Lucas Wedding

I’m perpetually blown away by the many connections photography has afforded me, and it always brings to light how every.single.relationship. seems to matter in some form or another. Christa, the insanely gorgeous bride you see below? I went to high school with her, but more importantly, she got me my first job…at Red Robin, and we’ve been in touch ever since. She had asked me if I was still interested in destination weddings back when I was pregnant (fun fact: I craved Red Robin more than anything during my pregnancy?), and I immediately committed (as if I knew what it meant to travel with an infant), and figured that any kid of mine would have to be cool with traveling, semi-immediately.


It has been less than a month since this Cabo wedding, and I seriously can’t stop daydreaming about it. The location itself was so refreshing, and so the opposite of the busy, “hotel-zone” Cabo I’ve experienced in the past. The expansive views and the secluded vibe made for the perfect wedding backdrop, and the only real challenge of the day was having a finite amount of time to capture every single beautiful detail of this property. Beyond the stunning aesthetics from this day, I also had the added bonus of working with two of the sweetest humans on the planet. Everyone just automatically knows Christa as being the nicest, most beautiful human, and then I finally got to meet Patrick, and immediately knew she found her match. I’ve also never seen a groom go to help with his bride’s dress as many times as he did, and he needed ZERO direction from me this entire day, because he was a total natural in any setting, as long as Christa was within arms reach.


I can’t thank this couple enough for letting me tag along, and for letting me do my thing. Currently still suffering from post-Cabo blues…


*Special thanks to talented new wedding planner friends, Vivid Occasions, for making this day so dreamy (and for never letting me get lost!).

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