Fine Art Storyteller, California and Beyond.

Jen & Nicolas // San Francisco Wedding

Lauren & Andrew // Kennolyn Wedding


Kristine & Sam // Pacifica Engagement Session

Christina & Kyle // Taber Ranch Wedding

The things that used to scare me the most about my job as a wedding photographer (harsh lighting, getting “the kiss” shot, physically NOT being able to be in two places at the same time, “will adults yell at me?“, etc…) have now just sort of transpired into all of my favorite challenges of the…

Caroline & Brandon // Barn Diva Wedding

It’s hard to feel like you’re going into a huge work day when you arrive at the bride’s hotel room, and her and her bridesmaids are popping champagne bottles, jumping on the bed slumber party style, and all are in the best, most cheerful of moods for the day that is ahead. This is the…

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